These release notes are specific to the OpenVR component of Meta 2 SDK.

See here for general release notes, including many improvements which also apply to the OpenVR SDK.


  • Improved validation and stability of SteamVR driver.
  • Added messaging for instructions and status during the SLAM initialization process.
  • The user can now control the location which an application first appears. When the “Hold your head still” prompt appears during the SLAM initialization process, simply turn in the desired direction before holding your head still. The application will then appear in front of you.


  • Fixed the bug forcing the user to reboot after using the Meta 2, before they could switch to another SteamVR headset (Oculus, Vive).

Known Issues

  • If Steam and SteamVR are not installed when the Meta 2 SDK installer is run, the option to install the Meta 2 OpenVR SDK will not appear. Simply close our installer, install Steam and SteamVR, then re-run our installer to install our OpenVR SDK.
  • If Steam is running during installation of the Meta 2 SDK, the Meta 2 SteamVR driver will not work until Steam is restarted. To work around this issue, do either of the following:
    • Before or after installation, completely exit SteamVR and Steam, then restart both. Note that Steam remains running in the notification area (i.e. “system tray”) even if all of its windows are closed.
    • Restart your computer.
  • Our SteamVR driver only supports direct mode. Extended mode is not supported.
  • Arbitrary SteamVR content is not necessarily supported. For example, content which specifically requires an HTC Vive Controller will not function with just the Meta 2 connected to your computer.
  • SteamVR error codes related to SteamVR’s compositor can be generally ignored. Meta’s SteamVR driver uses Meta’s own compositor rather than Valve’s compositor.
  • In certain cases, SteamVR may become unresponsive or refuse to exit, particularly when applications using Meta’s SteamVR driver crash. In this case, it is necessary to either restart your computer or manually terminate all SteamVR processes (e.g. vrserver.exe and vrcompositor.exe) and then restart SteamVR.