What is OpenVR?

OpenVR is an SDK and API developed by Valve for supporting the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and other virtual reality devices. SteamVR is Valve’s implementation of their OpenVR standard as well as the name of the VR runtime shipped with Steam, their platform.

Steam is one of the leading VR platforms, and most of our native developers already have a SteamVR integration.

Steam provides a C++ API as well as an integration to many development platforms including Unreal, WebVR, OpenVR, and more.

Additionally, developers can use the Steam store as a channel for distribution.

What is in the Meta 2 OpenVR SDK?

As part of our SDK installer, we provide a SteamVR driver to allow the Meta 2 headset to communicate directly with SteamVR.

Rendering is supported in direct mode only.

Hands are supported as “controller” input devices. Making a fist or the standard Meta grab gesture will emit an event corresponding to pulling the trigger on the SteamVR controller. Controller orientation (i.e. rotation) is not currently supported.

Please see the release notes for further details.

How do I install the Meta 2 OpenVR SDK?

The Meta 2 OpenVR SDK is included in the Meta 2 SDK. Please note that you must have Steam and SteamVR already installed prior to running the Meta 2 SDK installer, otherwise the option to install the Meta 2 OpenVR SDK will not be available during installation.


In addition to improved stability and performance, we are working on:

  • Integrating the SteamVR controller (the controller which is part of the HTC Vive package) to work in Meta Applications.
  • Integration of environment mapping.
  • Exposing access to the Meta 2’s RGB camera.
  • API and support for managing the SLAM system.